Sundowners on the dunes overlooking the Cuatir wetlands. There is a Boma available for braai or potjie.

South East Angola


South East Angola

DAY 1:

Windhoek, Tsumeb, Tsinsabis, Catuitui (Simanya) 660km resulting in a 7 hour drive.

DAY 2:

Border Crossing (0:40).
Catuitui Savate 70km (2:00) Following Cubango river up.
Savate Barge 35km (0:50).
River crossing (0:20 for two cars. Cubango river.
Barge-Cuatir base camp 41km (1:30).
Camp either base camp or campsite 1,5km away (Cuatir river).

DAY 3:

Camping at Cuatir.
Various trails to do with vehicles.
Quadbikes available.
Two kayaks available for trips on Cuatir to search for Sitatunga.
Sundowners on dunes overlooking the Cuatir wetlands.
Boma available for braai or potjie.

DAY 4:

Cuatir Barge 41km (1:30).
Barge crossing (0:20min for 2 cars).
Barge tar road (Caiundo) 110km (3:00).
Caiundo Menongue 125km (1:10). Following Cuebe river after crossing the Cubango river.
Menongue circle to LH Turn off: 1,7km.
LH Turn to 4 way Crossing 4,0km.
4 Way crossing to Villa Menongue: 1,7km (Following the Luauce river).

DAY 5:

Villa M to Main road: 5,7km.
Turn left to RH. Turn after bridge: 430m.
RH turn totTrain station: 2,0km.
Train station turn left to T junction: 400m.
RH at T joint to Shoprite: 630m.
Shoprite circle: 1,3km.
Circle via Puma fuel station to Longa: 80km.
Longa Cuito Cuanavale Longa: 200km. (For those who want to see the war museum next to airport).
Longa Baixa Longa: 130km. (Camp anywhere along the road) (Following Longa River) (Crossing Lussinggua river before confluence with Longa just after Baixa Longa with help of local guides if needed).

DAY 6:

Baixa Longa Nankova: 95km.
Nankova Rito: 35km (2:00). Following the Cuito River.
Rito Mpupa falls: 135km (5:30).

DAY 7:

Mpupa Falls.

DAY 8:

Mpupa Calai: 51km. (2:00) (Nankova to Calai total 09:30 driving).
Calai cross border to Rundu.

DAY 9:

Dirico Mucusse: 70km. Following the Okavango river.
Turnoff Wandumbe: 83km.
Camp somewhere outside Wandumbe.

DAY 10:

Wandumbe Luengue river 32km. (57min).
Luengue Baixa Luengue 20km. (40min). (Following Luengue river).
Baixa Luengue Pan. 11km. (30min).
Pan Jamba Airfield. 130km. (5:40) Camp somewhere along the road.

DAY 11:

Campsite to Airfield.
Airfield Jamba 16km. (25min).
Jamba historical tour. (Administrator/Vorgan/Savimbi house) (1:00).
Jamba BoaFe. 41km. (2:00).
BoaFe Campsite. (0:30). (Following the Cuando river).

DAY 12:


DAY 13:

Campsite Sasha. (33km total from BoaFe) (1:30).

DAY 14:


DAY 15:

Sasha Bwabwata Park entrance 28km (1:00).
Park Entrance Nambwa campsite.

DAY 16:

Nambwa Windhoek.

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