Angola, referred to as ‘the last true wilderness’, with many challenges in store for the 4×4 enthusiast.

South West Angola


South West Angola

Angola, referred to as ‘the last true wilderness’, with many challenges in store for the 4×4 enthusiast.

The climate, south and west of Lubango, along to the Namibian border is favourable and will provide a magnificent trip for any 4×4 adventurer. With diversities of a hot desert to a misty mountain forest, needless to say, you can imagine the view. Any photographer’s dream. Overpopulation occurs in the areas where weather conditions are more favourable, the not so dry areas.

The Cunene River forms the border between south-western Angola and Namibia. It is bordered by lush vegetation, which forms striking contrasts with the surrounding desert. Foz do Cunene is situated on the banks of the river. An exciting overland route to Foz do Cunene, is from the south (Ruacana) via Oncocua and Lona. This route is only negotiable by a 4×4 vehicle and takes two days of driving over rugged terrain.

The Adventure

Your guides will meet you in Ruacana or Oshikango where you will be assisted through the border formalities, such as passport control and vehicle / engine inspection. This procedure might take up to approximately 2-4 hours of our time depending on the size of the group.

Once through the border, we leave for Chitado. We will overnight at a bush camp close to Gahama. The route from Chitado to Lubango via Gahama might be rugged, so prepare yourself for adventurous 4×4 driving. The next day you will be taken on a guided city tour with scenery of the Jesus Monument (only 3 in the world) and Tundavalla Cliff. A mouth watering lunch will be prepared at the Leba Pass with its unique hairpin bends, whereafter we will leave for Baja dos Pipas, camping 2-3 days. Therafter we visit Flamingo where we wil camp after a visit to Namib. In namib we refuel for the last time.

Embrace yourself with 3 days of fishing or just relaxing on the beach enjoying the open spaces and clear blue skies. Our next destination will be The Arco, a natural desert lake, where magnificent rock formations, birdlife and beautiful water lilies occur, whereafter we will leave for Baia dos Tigres, via the huge sand dunes and the beach or only beach if clients prefer.

At Foz do Cunene you will be able to test your driving skills, as we are going to blow your minds with some adventurous dune driving. This is also good fishing terrain. Enjoy the contrasts of sand dunes, rocky plains, thick riverine vegetation and the sea.

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